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We are…

a coalition of organisations that support a common sense approach to public access to land and water in Wales to benefit both users and landowners, and to provide better value for money for stretched public funds. We are united in our belief that the current legal framework already balances the rights of landowners and conservation with the desire for access. There are many success stories of increased and improved access that have been agreed on a local level, aided by local knowledge and sympathetic to the surroundings. Access needs to be managed carefully so as to protect the natural environment and respect existing legitimate activities of economic and social importance and property rights. We represent landowners, farmers, tenants, millions of anglers, shooters, smallholders, foresters, and rural businesses all of whom contribute many millions of pounds to the Welsh economy leading to the employment of tens of thousands of people.

We believe…

that sustainable access to land and water must:

1. be agreed locally between the relevant parties to reflect the particular local conditions and pressures rather than being generally imposed by national regulations;

2. be managed to avoid conflict between users;

3. respect the rights of people to continue to enjoy existing legitimate activities without disturbance;

4. not cause unreasonable interference with the rights of landowners and lessees to enjoy their property;

5. not damage the natural environment or the ecosystem services it provides by causing unreasonable damage to wildlife and habitats.

Why are we concerned..?

A Welsh Govt consultation entitled “Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources” was issued on 21 June 2017, which includes far reaching implications for those who live, work and use our countryside.

It proposes the introduction of new legislation, changing the way people access the countryside in Wales.

We believe that if universal access to land and water were to be imposed by the Welsh Government there would be significant ramifications in rural Wales and it would not actually serve to provide the general public with the type of access they desire.

Our organisations will be responding in our own right, but we believe that it is very important that as many individuals as possible respond to this consultation to try to maintain the status quo.  It is particularly important that rural businesses such as farmers, tourism businesses, tackle shops and angling guides respond to highlight the importance of angling for employment and economic activity and how this might be damaged as a result of unfettered canoeing.

The deadline for consultation responses is 13 September 2017.

We have provided some points here… and here… to help you respond.


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